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Essence & The Working Actor: Infuse your Work with your Self

In this three day collaborative workshop, Shannon Marie Sullivan and Eden Malyn will guide you through an exploration of Self -- introducing you to a purposeful practice of infusing your Self into your Work and allowing your artistic journey to represent who you are and become a more satisfying part of your life.


You will walk away with a greater sense of Self and tools to communicate your newfound specificity to the industry. In a special photo session with a top headshot photographers, you will learn how to let your Self shine through your materials, and have the opportunity to purchase .


The ability to acknowledge Self and infuse your uniqueness into your work makes you, your auditions, your time on set and your art more authentic, interesting and joyful.

This workshop is geared towards the working actor. Homework will be assigned before each session.


Our next workshop is in the works!

Please email us here to be notified about upcoming dates. 


shannon marie sullivan

“After receiving my BFA and MFA in Acting, I graduated into the working world only to realize I had no idea how to actually get the work, especially on camera. I have dedicated the last decade of my career to exploring how to transfer my formal acting training from the stage to the screen and to understanding the visual medium of film and television -- which is so frequently ignored in training programs. Alongside working professionally as an actor for the past 12 years, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow while coaching working actors and educating the next generation of young artists.

Throughout my time as an actor, educator, and coach, I have discovered how important it is to take ownership over my career and hold pride in myself and my work -- and I cannot wait to share that process with you. Together we will strengthen your understanding of Self and deepen the connection to your work, allowing you to tell the story on the page while empowering your artistic voice.”

eden malyn

"Coaching actors is something that started organically in my early 20s. After offering my feedback in classes and group settings to my peers, more and more actors began to ask me to run their auditions with them before going in. Eventually those friends began to refer their friends to me, and before I knew it, I was a full-time acting coach.

Over the last decade, after coaching actors on hundreds of auditions, I have gained an enormous amount of insight. Having helped develop dozens of aspiring artists into full-time working actors and many more begin the process of unlocking their potential, it has been my joy to watch my clients and members of my class become booking machines. If you're feeling stuck, or like you don't understand why you aren't booking, let me get my hands on you. Let's figure it out together."

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