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Private coaching rates


September has always signified an opportunity for change to me. Perhaps it's the deeply-ingrained start of the school year. Or the shift in the temperature, light, and air as summer comes to an end. Or the significance of another year around the sun (Happy Birthday to Me!).


Whatever it is, I'm inspired this month to try out something new. 


As an actor, I have always found working with a coach on auditions improves my work. It gives me an opportunity to get feedback that is impossible to give myself. It allows me the chance to play and take risks in the moment that I can't quite fully commit to while supervising my own audition. 


But coaches are F*%&ing expensive! 


For that reason, I have made it my mission to keep costs as low as possible during my years as an acting coach, and yet I know that it is still not feasible for many of you. 


That's why I'm introducing: 

Pay What You Can Coaching Sessions!


For the month of September, I am offering all Private Coaching Sessions at a "Pay What You Can" rate. You may see a list of suggested pricing below and on my website. For those of you who want to work with a coach but your current finances just don't allow it, I hope that this will offer you the opportunity to practice your craft, expand your comfort in your auditions, and find the freedom you need to book that job! 


Whether our sessions together are audition-based or simply designed to better yourself as an actor, I look forward to offering this month of full accessibility for actors at every part of their artistic and personal journeys.

suggested rates

For the month of September, all coaching sessions are offered as "Pay What You Can".

Prices listed below are Suggested Rates only. 

45 min

"Pay What You Can" | Suggested Rate $80

60 min

"Pay What You Can" | Suggested Rate $100

90 min

"Pay What You Can" | Suggested Rate $140

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